About the Faculty


Vision & Mission


Our vision is:

  • To be a leading institution recognized at the national and international levels.
  • To contribute to science, art and the environment at the highest level.
  • To be a "science and arts center" where important scientific studies and activities at the national and international levels are carried out.
  • To be in a leading and effective position at the regional, national and international levels in education, research and practice.


Our mission is:

  • To produce graduates who use imagination, think creatively, can come up with new inventions, have gained the ability to provide leadership in design, and can apply their profession in individual and group works.
  • To train individuals who compete at the national and international levels and who can use information and technology correctly.
  • To train talented, creative designers who have a critical mindset and frame of mind with respect to professional ethics.
  • To raise good citizens with ecological sensitivity and social responsibility.
  • To train architects, interior architects and industrial designers who can carry out design operations at national and international platforms, conduct research, have a scientific approach, keep up with what is new, and develop themselves.
  • To train self-confident, expert academicians who are successful in national and international fields.